6 Ways To Improve Your New Wordpress Blog

If you thought that it is a herculean task to enhance the speed of your esteemed Wordpress blog, then you are wrong. After all, there are various plugins which will work wonders towards easing you of tweaking your WordPress blog in order to make it read as well as search engine friendly, in the easiest possible manner. I will give you some tips that how to Improve Your New Wordpress Blog.

By reading the following article, you will get to know some of the highly sophisticated tips which work wonders towards enhancing the traffic of your WordPress blog, thus generating increasing numbers of followers for your blog as well.

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Following are the tips which will help towards ensuring the overall improvement of your Wordpress blog like never before:-

  1. Site Design and Loading Time.

The design, as well as loading time of your site, matter a lot, especially if you want to improve your WordPress blog. Hence, it is imperative for you to choose an eye-catching as well a light color theme for your esteemed blog. It can be done with the assistance of light colors along with dark colored text with the font namely Verdana or Georgia. You need to be equally cautious about the fact, that your site should be navigated in the easiest possible manner.

There are times when the readers are irritated due to the slow loading speed of your blog, thus they leave your reputed blog instantly. Hence, in order to experience improvement in your Wordpress blog, you need to adhere to the following things:-

  1. Increase the loading speed of your blog
    2.Reduce the number of plugins
    3. Avoid using the flash content.
    4. Use a content delivery network2. Add Social Media Sharing ButtonsThe presence of social media is indeed imperative in today’s generation as it helps towards improving the search engine ranking. You need to ensure social media buttons on your blog as they give comparably more viral exposure to your blog. Thus, your website generates more traffic. Great isn’t it?
  2. Add an ‘About’ or ‘Bio’ Page

‘About’ or ‘Bio’ page is imperative for the improvement of your Wordpress site. It is done to highlight the personal as well as professional information on your Wordpress site. Leads can be generated with the assistance of a professional “Bio” page.

  1. Provide an Easy way to follow your Blog

It is the dream of every blogger to ensure huge fan following and it is important for you to have an easy way and method to follow your blog. The subscription box should be placed on the sidebar as well as below the content. The place of the subscription box should be clearly visible as well.

  1. By using the feed subscribers

Various people use the option to get RSS feed in order to arm them with the latest news. Hence, make use of the same in your Wordpress blog. By using the feed subscribers option you will be able to increase your website traffic.

  1. Use Short Permalinks

Although, we go overboard towards properly choosing keywords, keyword density along with writing quality content, but in the process, we forget to deal with the permalinks of the post. Blog post’s permalinks might become the reason for low search engine ranking. Hence, in order to ensure improvement in your Wordpress blog, use precise keyword rich permalinks for your blog’s post as it works wonders towards ensuring better SEO results. You have to equally use short permalinks.

Finally, aforesaid are the 6 important ways to improve your new Wordpress blog. In this way, you are going to ensure a highly sophisticated and improved Wordpress blog as well. Great isn’t it?

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