Aadhar Card : Check Status And Download

Aadhar Card Download: This article will help you in download and print E-aadhar card online. Many people have applied for the aadhar card. Now they are waiting for it to arrive at their address. Usually, this process takes 90 days. Sometimes the UIDAI Card is ready, but it takes a long time to reach. In a situation like this one can download the E-Adhar Card. Visit the official site eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in for this purpose.

In this page, we will tell you how to download the aadhaar card and take its printout. There are two ways to Get Aadhar Card. In the first method, you need enrollment id. Another method is by using Aadhar Card Number.

In this way, one can get the duplicate aadhar card also. First, check the online aadhar card status. If the aadhar card is ready, go to the official website and print aadhar card. You need your registered phone number for this purpose.

There are different ways to download aadhar card such as aadhar card download by name and date of birth, aadhar download online with or without mobile no and print duplicate copy e.t.c.

How to download Aadhar Card

The process of downloading the Eaadhaar Card is very simple. Just follow the following steps to Get Aadhar Card. You will receive OTP on the registered mobile number for this. So make sure you have the registered mobile number.

Go to the official website of UIDAI which is uidai.gov.in.
Click on Aadhaar services.
Now search for Get E-Aadhaar on the right side of the page.
Next, click on that button.
You will go to eaadhar card official website.
Once can go directly there by clicking here.
Here, you will see “I Have.”
Select Aadhaar Number or 28 digit Enrolment Id.
Enter the details in the box.
Now, click on get OTP.
You will receive One Time Password on your phone shortly.
Enter this OTP is the Second Step.
Now click Validate & Download.
Now the E-aadhar Card status will appear on the screen.
Click on print to take a printout.
In case if you have problem in Aadhar card download process. If you face any interruptions like a power outage or slow internet, try again. Go to eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in and try again. Anyone can change aadhar details such as name, DOB, mobile no through online.

aadhar card download
Some people lose their enrolment id. It is not possible to Download UID Card without the EID or aadhaar number uid card. So we will tell how to get the EID and adhar card number. Read this article further to know about the process.

Lost Aadhar Card Number:

Candidates can Download aadhar card by number. In case they do not remember the aadhaar number uid card, they can get it online. Check the procedure for the same below.

Visit the official website http://resident.uidai.net.in.
Search for Get Aadhar Card on the homepage.
Click on the button.
Fill your details on the next page that appears.
Next, click on Get OTP at the bottom.
Check your phone for the OTP.
Enter the OTP on the next page.
Now, click on Validate.
You adhar card number will appear on the screen.
Note it and keep it safely.
Now you can download aadhar card using the above steps.
Aadhar Card Download:
You can easily download the card in PDF format. We already discussed the process of download UID Card. In the last step, you have to save the card. When you click on save it will get downloaded. This way you download aadhaar card PDF.

Hope now you will not have any problem in downloading, printing and duplication the UID Card or Aadhar card. Still got some confusion in aadhar download? Comment in the comment section below. We will try to provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

How To Link Aadhaar with Voter Card Explained
Many people want to link aadhaar with voter card. This is a very easy and simple process which can be done online. The Election Commission of India encourages every voter to link their UID card with their EPIC card. They have setup web portals through which one can link EPIC with Aadhaar. We have provided guidelines for the process in this article. We will also discuss the advantages of doing so. If you do not have internet then also you can link through SMS. So check both the online and offline method for linking below.

Why link aadhaar with voter card?
People know that there are a lot of fake voter ids in this country. This has been caused due to negligence of the authorities. However, now the government wants to mend their way and introduce this linking.

We are aware that the adhar card has a person’s biometric data like finger print and iris scan. These data makes a person unique so by linking the two numbers one can ensure that he/she has only one voter id.

The other epic number of the same person will be exposed. Thus, helping the electoral commission to get rid of the fake voter ids that is present in this country.

One need his/her EPIC card and 12 digit aadhaar number for this purpose. If have INTERNET then follow the online steps of aadhar card and voter card linking. Others can follow the SMS method described below.

link aadhaar with voter card

Guidelines for voter id and adhar link:
This has nothing to do with the official website of UIDAI. People need to visit the National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP). If you have both the card with you follows the instructions below.

Visit the official NVSP website nvsp.in.
Next, click on “Search your name in electoral Roll”.
Now you will land on a new website.
Here you will have two options.
You can either search by details or search by EPIC number.
Now, select a valid option and enter your details.
After that, enter the code and click on search.
Next, click on “Veiw” option.
Now enter your aadhar number and mobile number/email.
Finally, submit everything.
That’s all! You will receive a confirmation of the process through SMS or email. Check the offline method of linking below.

Direct Link

Aadhaar and EPIC Linking Through SMS:
This method is also quite simple. However, the telecom operator may charge for the SMS. One need to type text message in their phone in the following format.

ECILINK <Epic number> <Aadhaar Number>

Send the message to 51969 after tying. If the numbers are correct you will soon receive a confirmation message on your phone.

Hope this article was helpful and you will be able to link aadhaar with voter card. if you face any problem contact us or comment below.

You can also bookmark this site if you need future help related to aadhaar card. press CTRL+D to bookmark if you are using a desktop.

Aadhar Card Update Status: Check your Correction Status Online

This article is for instructions on how to check aadhar card update status. A lot of people have recently updated or made correction in their adhar card. They are now looking for status of aadhaar card correction. We wrote this article to provide correct and accurate information on this topic. So read everything carefully before proceeding. We also have a direct link to the status checking page below.

Requirements to check the status:
If you want to check the update status you need the Update Reference Number (URN). One cannot check without URN.

URN is the number that you receive after you successfully submit your update request online.

If you have submitted you Aadhar Card Update request by post then you will not get any URN. Hence, you cannot check the status in this case.

Also one needs the aadhaar card number to check the status. These are the only requirements to check the correction status online.

Aadhar card update status check instructions:
The UIDAI portal has the tool to check the status. www.uidai.gov.in is the official portal. Once you have the above requirements, follow the below instructions.

Go to the official website of UIDAI as mentioned above.
Next, search for “Aadhaar Update Status” under online services.
Now, click on the link.
After that, enter your adhar card number and URN.
Next, type the security code as shown in the box.
Finally, click on “Get Status” button.
aadhar card update status

Now the page will display the status if the data is correct. Many people get error message that the number entered does not match.

Direct Link

We request you to check the URN and aadhaar number correctly and try again. Contact the UIDAI helpline if the problem persists.

UIDAI Helpline Number – 1947 (Toll Free)

UDAI Support Email – help@uidai.gov.in

Aadhaar Card Update:
Many people get incorrect details like name, gender, age, address and date of birth. This can be mistake of the applicant or the enrollment center staff.

Hence, the unique identification department has made correction of these things easy. Moreover they have provided an online tool to keep track of the update.

Once the mistake has been rectified, they can download the duplicate adhar card. UIDAI will not issue new UID card by post.

Hence the only option is to download the new updated card online. Click on the above link to know more about how to download.

Hope the article was helpful. You can bookmark this website for future help related to the UIDAI cad. If you have any question on aadhar card update status then feel free to comment below.

Link PAN with Aadhar Card: Easy Guide to link Aadhaar with PAN

Government has now made link pan with aadhar card mandatory for the Indian citizens. The deadline for linking is 1st July 2017. People who have not done the linking can do it online. Visit incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in to link both the cards. If you do not have internet you can do it offline by SMS also. We have instructions on both the methods on this website. So let’s check the procedure in details below.

PAN and Aadhaar Card Link:
Earlier this year, Indian government set deadline to link aadhaar with bank accounts. Later they made aadhaar card mandatory for the people who file ITR.

Many people protested against the move but the government did not deter from its decision. Now it has made pan and aadhar link necessary by 1st July 2017.

Weather the decision is good or not is a controversial topic. However, many people have already linked their cards. The process is almost similar to the bank.

link pan with aadhar

You have option of both online and offline registration. Online method is easy, fast and free. However, if you wish to link by SMS then the telecom operator might charge you.

So if you wish to link then get ready with your PAN number and aadhaar number. After the instructions we will also address some common questions that people are thinking regarding this.

Link Pan with Aadhar Online:
As we mentioned above, this method is best suited for individual. So if you have both the aadhar card and pan number, follow the instructions below.

First, visit the official website of income tax e-filing, incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.
Next, fill the PAN number, Aadhaar Number, and Name.
If you have only the year of birth mentioned in your aadhaar card then, check the box below.
Next, you have to enter the security code as shown on the screen.
If you are unable to identify the code clearly, you can request OTP.
You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number.
Finally, click on “Link Aadhaar? button.
Now you will receive a message that your link request is under process. Some people have name mismatch issue check the solution for that below.

Name Mismatch Solution:
Many people have slightly different names in their Pan card or the aadhar card. The IT department has kept this thing in mind and provided solution for that.

In case of sight name mismatch or misspell the people can link their card if the date of birth and gender is same. So, one must ensure that the date of birth is same in both the identity cards.

If there is mismatch in the name the person need to verify using the OTP he/she will receive by SMS on the registered number/email.

However, in case there is complete mismatch in the name, one cannot link at the moment. Change your name in either pan card database or aadhaar database.

If you wish to update your name in aadhar card then it is very simple. Click on the link to check our guide on the same.

Link aadhaar with pan by SMS:
If you are sure that your name in both the cards is same, you can link by SMS. The format of the SMS is given below.

UIDPAN<space><aadhaar number><space><pan number>

Just send the message in above format to 567678 or 56161. If everything is ok, you will receive SMS acknowledging that the request has been submitted.

If you have any question on the linking process, comment below. Check our other article on this website for help related to aadhaar card.

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