Best and Highest Paying URL Shorteners 2019

URL Shorteners are one of the easiest way to make money online. No I am not talking about a tons of money that makes you a rich independent blogger. But if you are regular internet user and have a quite a followers in your social media sites then this method can help you to earn somewhere between $20-30 per month depending on where you live. Best of all is you don’t need any technical skill or any upfront payment to start with.

These highest paying URl shorteners help you to shorten your links that you generally share among various social media sites with your friends and followers. And when they click on that you get a little bit of money for those views You don’t need to have a blog or website to share links. all you need is your active social media profile to share these links.

Is not this the easiest method of making money online?

There are more than 100 websites that allow you to earn money by sharing urls but not all of them are good to use because some may pay very less per views and some of them may be very shady to share. Like just think about They are one of the oldest among them but certainly some people misused it to collect personal information and used to spread malware. so now google thinks all of them are spammy link. And seriously speaking you don’t want your link to get flagged by google as spam.

Here is the list of best and most paying URL shorteners of this year. If you sign up using my links I will most certainly get a referral bonus. So please be sure to sign up using my links that will help me grow this site to a point where I can share more money making ideas with you guys.

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