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Wanna type in other languages? Are you afraid to type wrong words? Will you lose faith when you type in a foreign language? Explore free online typing tool to type text in over 80 languages.

With smartphones becoming affordable day by day, many more people are getting access to smartphones for the first time. In a country where most of the people don’t speak English and rely on their native language, Hindi. A new problem arises, the problem of typing in Hindi on your smartphone or PC. Surely, you can use services like Google Translate to type sentences in English and convert them into Hindi, but that’s a lot of work.

Surely, there would be a way to directly type in Hindi, and to answer the question, yes there is. Google has a solution to this problem, which is Google Input Tools. It enables the live translation of words from English to Hindi as the user types. It is available both for online and offline usage, depending on what is convenient for the user.

What is Google Input Tool

Google Input Tools is a free on-the-go platform for interacting in the language you need. Either online or offline. Get your message across anywhere on the web, in the language and style you like. Google Input Tools makes it simple for you to type anywhere on the internet, in the language you choose. By downloading the virtual keyboard interface in your Windows Explorer

Features of Google Input Tools

Google Input tools offer a suite of features you may already know. If you don’t know the features, we will sort it for you. We do not want to you take the pain.

  • Available for Google services, Chrome, Android devices, and Windows
  • Works in both offline and online mode
  • Maintains custom dictionary
  • Supports 80+ languages
  • Seamless typing
  • Available on android and windows phone
  • Free of cost 🙂

Here are 22 Languages Google input tools offline full installer for free download.
Our Installer is self-extractor and Run Automatically with Double Click. During installation two-time green strip will appear. इंस्टालेशन के समय दो बार हरी स्ट्रिप आएगी। After installation Check Taskbar and Language Bar. Google Hindi or Other Language Input ready.

Please check programs and features in Control Panel and Uninstall old version of google input tools before Installation.

Online Method

There are two ways to go about Google’s new Input Tools. First the online method, users can go to the Google Input Tools online website by clicking here. Where they will be able to select the language. The tools aren’t only limited to Hindi, there are other languages present also. They can then type any language in real-time. They just need to type the words in English or any other language and the tools will convert it into the selected language in real-time. Additionally, it will give them options to correct the conversion if they think it is by any means wrong.

Google, Input Tools

The online translate tool provides easy and quick access to Hindi typing
The Online method is simple to use, but it has its limitations. You will be required to type it on the website and then copy-paste the translation wherever you need it. This adds an extra burden of copy and pasting regularly. Also, this method requires an active internet connection, which sometimes might not be available for all. For a casual use case, this is the best possible method. If you want a more regular arrangement, you should consider the offline method, we talk about below.

Offline Method

For users who don’t have access to the internet 24/7, which after the entry of Reliance Jio might be a shock or users who need to type in Hindi regularly are advised to use the offline method. To do this they can select to download and install the Google Input Tools suite from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, it only works for translation in chrome right now and isn’t a system-wide supported feature as of yet. To download the Chrome extension for PC, you can do so by clicking here. Once it’s downloaded and installed, You will see it’s extension icon along with your other extensions. You can right-click on the extension icon and click options to select the language you wish to use. Once that’s done, you can click on it to turn the service on and off anytime you wish.

Final Thoughts

Free Google Input Tools is a reliable virtual keyword. A unique keyword that does not only translate language but also input data Google Input Tools supports over 80 languages. Some popular languages you may love to type are Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, French, German, English, Urdu, Tamil, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabi, Persian, etc.

Do you have any questions? Share your experience with Google Input Online Tools

Download Link Hindi

Google input tools Bangla, Bengali
Google input tools Gujarati
Google input tools Kannada
Google input tools Malayalam
Google input tools Marathi

Google input tools Nepali
Google input tools Oriya, Odiya
Google input tools Punjabi
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Google input tools Tamil
Google input tools Telugu
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Google input tools Farsi, Persian
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What are google input tools?
These tools are used to type regional languages on computers.

Where is google input tools for windows?
You can find all the Google Input Tools offline installer download link above the post or you can also use Chrome extension, this link is also given above the post as well.

Why is google input tools not available for windows?
Of course, Google input tools are available for Windows, you can find the download link above.

What is google input tools in Hindi?
Google input tools Hindi is the Hindi version of google input tools.

Why google input tools not installing?
This may be due to some kind of problems in your system. or you can try to install it from the official website of Google.

How to use google input tools in Microsoft Word?
If you want to use google input tools in ms input then you have to use google input tools offline installer which you can download from above the post.

Does google input tools work on windows 10?
Yes, Google Input Tools works with all Windows versions and Windows 10 as well.

How to download google input tools for windows?
You can download the tool from above the post.

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