Driving License In Barrackpore

Do you know it’s now more easy to get a Driving License in Barrackpore. A few years ago there was no Online facility in Barrackpore area. So if you would need a Driving License or register your Vehicle, you’d have to go to Barasat RTO. That was very struggling for people in and around Barrackpore. But now you don’t have to worry, cause the new RTO is now opened in Barrackpore. Just in the Administrative building in Barrackpore Chiriya More. I’ll try to briefly describe the process that how one can get a Driving License in Barrackpore. Step by step…
So let’s start…

Step 1: Know before apply

One must be at least 18+ to get a Driving License. But it is also possible for being less than 18+. In that case, you’ll need to be at least 14+ and permission from your Parents. In this article, I’ll only describe for 18+’s.

Required Documents– In my case, I’ve used these documents:
A. Birth certificate,
B. Voter ID card,
C. PAN card,
D. Admit card of the Madhyamik Examination,
E. Madhyamik Pass Certificate
F. AADHAR card.

Fees Structure- 1st part: Form 10/-, Learner License fee 70/-, Lamination fee 20/-.
2nd part: Driving test fee 290/- (you’ll have to pay 90/- again if you fail in the driving test, for giving the test again), Final fee (Card Fees) 50/-. And you’re all done.
#Update: Fee Structure has changed recently (2020)

1st Part

Step 2: Collect and fill the Forms

A. Collect the Driving License form from Barrackpore.net. The form price is 10/- only.

B. Now fill the form. You don’t have to fill in all the details. Just fill the main fields.

C. And staple the xerox copy of the required documents with the form. Now self attest all the xerox copies.

Step 3: Pay the fee and Oral test for Learner License

A. Now take those forms with you and go to the RTO then show the form to the authority and pay the fee of 70/- for the learner. The counter is open only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

B. After paying the fee, Now go to the RTO at least one week later to give an Oral test. Take all the original documents that you’ve stapled along with the application form. Then they will verify your application form. And then in the test, the Officer will ask you a few questions about traffic signals. If you pass then you’ll have to go to the RTO office one week later to take the Learner license. But if you fail then you’ll have to give the oral test again in the next week.

C. If you pass then you’ll get the Learner license. You will have to pay the Lamination fee of 20/- this time.

D. Once you get the L license, it is valid for 6 months. You’re eligible to give a driving test after 1 month and within the validity time. If the L license expires then you’ll have to do all from the beginning.

2nd Part
Step 4: Applying for driving test

A. After getting the L license. You can give the driving test at least one month later and within the validity period.

B. So now go to the RTO with all the payment receipts and other documents and the L license. And pay the fee of 290/- for a driving test.

C. After paying that fee now go to the Bio-Metric office just beside the RTO, to give your signature and photo.

Step 5: The Driving test

A. Go to RTP office with your Vehicle at around 2pm- 2:30pm.

B. The vehicle should be in good condition. And a ‘L’ should be written in front and behind of that vehicle.

C. Give the driving test. And If you pass you will have to pay the final fee or Card fees of 50/- in the next week.

Now, wait for your Driving License. It takes at least 3 – 4 months. And don’t forget to comment if I missed something.

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