Galiff Street Market :: Pet Lovers Paradise

Every Sunday morning pet lovers plant lovers and many more from Kolkata and surrounding area come and gather a crowd here in this street. It is very close to Shyambazzar five-point crossing towards BT Road. As history says this market wad developed near Hatibagan in north Kolkata. But due to popularity and space constraint, this market was shifted to Galiff Street.

This is the oldest market for pets and its only open on Sundays. The market Starts at 4.30 am closes after late afternoon. Galiff Street Pet market is a pet lovers paradise. A hobbyist can find various species including rare varieties of dogs, birds, rabbits, fish and a lot more. Even some illegal species are also sold here most of the time.

One can buy almost every kind of pets and their accessories they think of. Most of the time they are cheaper than other pet shops in Kolkata and for some extra money, you can get the breed certificate also. Different variety of birds and cages are also available but some species are illegal so beware of that.

Lastly, there is the flower and plant market on the other side of the road. A plant or flower enthusiast’s paradise, this side of the market enchants with the bright hues and greens. There is an array of seasonal and flowering plants at the display, along with varieties of Bonsai and other essential garden plants. These wholesalers offer everything from pots to plant medicines for the needs of one’s garden.

galiff street

galiff street pet market

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