Promoting Your Blog Through Social Media Marketing

Are you putting a lot of efforts to attract visitors to your blog? Are you not able to find an effective strategy to promote your blog? Why your blog is not getting into the competition? Is there a lack of some strategy? There might be some absence of some effective strategies to promote your blog effectively over the internet. The most effective strategy to promote your blog is social media marketing. Social media marketing is an efficient way to promote your website or blog through social bookmarking and networking sites. These strategies attract a large number of readers to your blog and put you on a great business. Social media marketing is a great effort t gain the attention of organic readers searching for good data over the internet. I researched some social media strategies to popularize my blog and collected different methods and tried them for a year. Then I came to the conclusion and gathered some great data to help you out in popularizing your site. Some of these action plans are discussed below.
·         Feed the content of your blog to social media profiles: You must be having accounts on social networking websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and most of you will be having accounts on social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Digg, DeliciousIf you use your accounts to promote your content then there is a possibility that you might get some shares through the accounts of your friends and in this way, you can promote your content easily and effectively.
·         Add “Follow me” icons to your blog: You can put on some social media icons below or above the blog post or on the widget area of your blog to invite the readers to follow you. This will help them to get the notification whenever you publish a new post on your website or blog.
·         Create a social media page of your blog:  Go for creating a social media page on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook and invite the people to like your page by sending them request manually or adding the link of your page on widget area or as a pop up on your blog or site. Now whenever you share the anything on this page, all the people who have liked it will be notified.
·         Link your blog to your social profiles: You should make an efficient use of social media profiles to add your blog as your work and hence attract more readers to your blog.
·          Use sharing buttons below the post: You must use the social share buttons above or below your blog post. So, if the visitor likes your blog post he or she might share it on his/her profile. This will make people visiting his/her account may visit that link and you can get some more visitors.
·         Comment on other blogs with the link of your blog: You should try to comment on blogs of your niche. Try to get a comment approved on high Page rank blog. This helps you to attract readers and also improve the reputation of your blog.


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